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The God Conspiracy


The Prophet


The truth about Islam


One peaceful world





This is a small window, we can open it.. to let fresh air comes in, to talk with you through it... to put some flowers on it to show how we love beauty.. how beauty is not just a part of our life.. but it is life itself!

In this window we exchange conversation, our dreams, our stories..  our love and peace.. like any Neighbors had windows close enough to each others!

And today we are more closer than them! cause our windows now could be opened 24 hours, just a finger print on your keyboard, even while you are on your bed!













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Ahmed Alfarhan, Kuwait.








Although the amount of money and food that is wasting and been throwing at ocean, BUT the poverty and hunger  and the pain still exists.. Pay attention to where you spend your money and energy.. why not to read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Because it shows how each individual is responsible for global disaster, every individual is important in solving it!




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