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Mariam Nour, is a citizen of Lebanon and the United States, she had a breast cancer, and been cured just by Organic food, or what they call it Macrobiotic, which she traveled to America and worked with the master of Macrobiotic, Michio Kushi about thirty years, and then comes back to Arab world to be in the most famous programs on media (TV) supported by few heads of arabic countries.

Mariam nout she is the first lady who talked and released Osho books in Arab world, and she is the one who support my life and pushed me to be better and make life more beauty more joyful and juiceful... and still remain.

If there is some one who speak the truth in our media! will be Mariam Nour!!

her website: www.peacepace.com

her Email: mariamnour@mariamnour.com



First list, About The Body




Second list, About the Mind




Third list, About the Soul





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Ahmed Alfarhan, Kuwait.








Although the amount of money and food that is wasting and been throwing at ocean, BUT the poverty and hunger  and the pain still exists.. Pay attention to where you spend your money and energy.. why not to read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Because it shows how each individual is responsible for global disaster, every individual is important in solving it!




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